For Peat’s Sake 700ml 40%

  • Марка: For Peat’s Sake
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Торфено-Опушено Скоч Уиски

Бележки за вкус подписан Master Distiller Lorne Mackillop:

  • Цвят: Дълбоко злато.
  • Аромат: Балансиран опушен аромат с кръгла малцова ирисова сладост, стафиди и лимонова кора.
  • Вкус: Това е гладко, но вкусно уиски с балансирана, но ясна опушеност и сладко от карамелен масло.
  • Финал: Финалът е изненадващо дълъг с прекрасна сладост и балансирана опушеност.


The name For Peat´s Sake has been taken from the legend of Mr. Peat. Peat worked at the distillery as a malt-man for many years. One day when he shoveled peat into the cologne (Kiln) he fed too much peat into the fire. The fire really took off and the smoke completely poured out of the distillery's pagoda roof. The distillery manager shouted "For Peat´s Sake" what are you doing - there is smoke everywhere? It turned out, however, that luckily Peat's ambitious work produced a very smoky and characterful whiskey. "For Peat´s Sake" became the name of the whiskey to pay tribute to Peat, his love of his job and his zeal to work hard and dedicated in the distillery.


700 мл.
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