Cognac Rémi Landier Fins Bois Spécial Pale 70cl. 45% | Коняк 2YO

  • Марка: Remi Landier
Цена: 107,96 лв.
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This range has been developed with and for bartenders and mixologists. Young Fins Bois Cognacs are carefully selected for their very special characters which combine lots of fruits ( grapes and exotic fruits) , vanilla and spices. These 2 expressions has been bottled at 45%, are unchilfiltered with their natural color which give him strong character and richness, it is ideal for making cocktails and bartenders love working with.

Rémi Landier Special Pale Fins Bois, aged for 2 years in oak barrels and received one of the most prestigious award in Paris, as best French innovative spirits at Cocktail Spirit competition in Paris in 2014.

Rémi Landier Special Pale Fins Bois Single Barrel 2012 procures a very unique experience of tasting. With tastes of orange, flowers and a little woodiness your Old Fashion will never be the same in using this limited edition.

700 мл.
Страна на произход
Франция, Коняк, Fins Bois
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