Joseph Cartron

Joseph Cartron

In 1882, Joseph Cartron opens the Company at Nuits- Saint-Georges, naming it after himself. Supplier to the Burgundian drink retailers, the young company distributes the inevitable lemonades and soda waters, and also produces, amongst others, time old famous liqueurs: Prunelle (Burgundy Sloe), Maraschino, Cacao, Kummel, Burgundian Ideal and even Bisette.

But, right from the outstart, the highlight of this little family business, is the invention of the Crème de Cassis Double Crème, at the time called « Double Crème de Cassis Cartron », which is like a natural tribute to the authenticity and the originality of this product in the cradle land of the Crème de Cassis.

Joseph, the founder, had no children, he left the company to his brother Armand, who in turn passes on to his son Henri. Henri, who died in 1949, was one of the 7 founders of the «Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin » in 1934, he was also Mayor of Nuits-Saint-George during the war.

The company, well implanted locally, then decided to set up a national coverage.

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